Innovative technologies in teaching of disciplines on specialty «Plant protection and quarantine»

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Konysbaevа, D.T.
Baibussenov, K.S.
Sagatbek, S.D.
Rulyova, M.M.
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S. Seifullin Kazakh agrotechnical university
The textbook deals with the theoretical development and use of modern innovative pedagogical technologies in the professional training of specialists in plant protection in higher education. Currently, in the light of changes in the paradigm of learning as relevant — the search for the most effective methods and means of training to improve the quality of training of specialists, organizations of the educational process, stimulating independent thought activity of students and ensuring the formation of their needs for new knowledge. The authors consider new approaches in education (CLIL, coaching, case studies and various forms of control). These methods represent a set of scientifically and practically justified methods and tools for achieving the desired result in the training of students
clil method, plant protection, plant quarantine