Zeolite and its application in agriculture

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Kulzhanova, S.
Popov, V.
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S. Seifullin Kazakh agrotechnical university
The teaching aid "Zeolite and its application in agriculture" discloses the role of application of non-traditional fertilizers (natural zeolites) in agriculture. Information is provided on the main deposits and reserves of natural zeolites in the territory of the CIS and Kazakhstan; the chemical composition of the main varieties of natural zeolites and indicators of their quality, as well as the use of fertilizers are described.The possibility of wide application o natural zeolites in various branches of industry, agriculture, ecology is proved. This product is mostly claimed in agriculture, therefore in this material the results of studies of local natural zeolites together with phosphorus fertilizers on various sunflower varieties and hybrids within the framework of 055 program of the Ministry of Education and Science of th Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015-2017 are summarized on the theme of the author of the scientific project: "Еру development of the technology of using non-traditional fertilizers to increase the yield and quality of sunflower seeds in the conditions of Pavlodar oblast. The teaching aid "Zeolite and its application in agriculture" is recommended to students of sciences, as well as intended for agricultural specialists, researchers and university instructors.
natural zeolite, use in land preparation